Sunday, April 7, 2013

Short Story of the Week (April 2013)

Each week at the Classic Science Fiction Message Board we read a short science fiction piece (short story, novelette or novella). These stories are always available for FREE online so that anyone can participate in the discussion. The stories are chosen by a different member every month, so that we get to read a variety of stories. April's stories are being picked by Neil.


Week #1- In the Year 2889 by Michel Verne

Neil-It was quite boring. It really never got beyond the hmmmm that's interesting as a story.

John- I think this story is only really interesting as an oddity. It's fun to see what Michael Verne imagined the future would hold. Newspapers being spoken to people. Visual telephone calls over thousands of miles through the use of mirrors. Scientists recommending they melt the polar ice caps. Human hibernation through death and mummification. And indoor plumbing!  

This story was too funny. Unfortunately it was mostly unintentional laughs.

I wish he hadn't called it 2889. I wish he'd only made it a couple hundred years in the future.

Week #2- Blood Music by Greg Bear

Neil- The novel is one of my favorite books so hopefully this works out for everyone.

John- This was a great story. Of course now because of this story in addition to being worried about killer robots and killer viruses I am now also worried about killer robot viruses.

Week #3- Cheering For The Rockets by Michael Moorcock (Sorry, it seems this link is no longer working)

Neil- Alright a bit of a risk this again I have not read it but I have enjoyed Moorcock since the first time I ended up in Melnibone. I seem to have spent most of the eighties reading him and Jerry Cornelius was my favorite. This may be a case of style over substance.

Week #4-Cross Roads Blues by Paul McAuley

Neil- Music and time travel, what more could you need.