Friday, July 24, 2015

Pandorica- Doctor Who Cafe

On our way home from our vacation we made a detour and stopped in Beacon, NY at "Pandorica" a Doctor Who themed cafe. You can see The painting "the Pandorica Opens" behind us.

The menu features lots of Doctor Who inspired appetizers which they call "spoilers" like Fish Fingers and Custard (French Toast and Custard), K9s (Mini hotdogs and mustard), and Big Bang (Bangers/Sausages flamed with Stroh's Rum). And on the kid's menu Henry got the Bowties are Cool (Mac and Cheese with bowtie pasta). And they have a great selection of teas!

And of course they play Doctor Who at the restaurant while you eat. We watched "Night Terrors." 

They have some original Doctor Who inspired art for sale, that I wasn't allowed to take pictures of.

And they have some props from the show like River's journal, Tardis keys, and a gas mask from "The Empty Child."

The door to the bathroom is the TARDIS.