Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Henry is on the Move


Henry is 7 months old and he is on the move. He crawls all around the room, but he doesn’t really use his knees, he just sort of army crawls. Or he just rolls where he wants to go. But he gets into everything. He tries to eat my socks and my shoes or he plays with the cat’s scratching post. Right now he still moves slow enough that I can stop him before he gets into trouble, but when he gets his knees involved and really starts moving he’s going to need a lot more minding.

I know I say this every month but Henry really is a genius. The other night he crawled over to where we keep some of his books in the living room and started to pick all of them out and put them down in different spots and then he looked at them all like he was trying to decide which one I should read to him that night. One of his teachers at daycare has a video of him flipping through a board book by himself.

Henry’s started to talk but the only words he says are “Da Da Da.” At first that made me feel good like he really liked me, but he calls his toys “Da Da” too so that makes it less special.

One time, it was four in the morning and Henry started to talk in his crib and we heard him on the monitor, “Da Da Da.” Carol turns to me and says, “he’s asking for you, I guess you better go feed him.”

I had a breakthrough the other day with Henry. I started teaching him how to make monkey noises. I said Oh-oh-ah Ah! And scratched my head and danced around with my arms flailing. And he loved it, he laughed and laughed. The very next day I get home from work and Carol says, “I hope you’re happy, he’s been making monkey sounds all day.” He learned that in one day, the kids a genius!



  1. Start saving for Montessori! And more, please, of you reading "Green Eggs and Ham." Delightful.

  2. Monkey sounds! Heh, heh. Hilarious, John! And more great pictures, too.