Friday, March 22, 2013

2012 Banners Made from Book Covers

Comicbook banners aren't the only kind of banners I've been making. I also make banners for the Classic Science Fiction Message Board and I use the same ones on Facebook. These banners are usually pretty simple. When I first started making them I'd take four of my own books off the shelf and snap a picture of them. That's why on a lot of these you can see a tan border. That's the wall to wall carpet in my apartment! But eventually I grew out of using my own books and started to arrange images I'd find online.

 photo P009-1-1_zps45b4161e.jpg

 photo Picture029-1copy_zpsec750e84.jpg

 photo Picture017-1copy_zpscb67ba33.jpg

 photo P015-1-1_zpseb7adb35.jpg
   photo harryHarrisoncopy1-1_zpse6cccb39.jpg

 photo philipkdickcopy-1_zps4ff9c0ad.jpg

 photo Picture022-1-1copy_zps1aa717ba.jpg

 photo Picture025-1_zps425784f2.jpg

 photo P004-1_zps60ab667b.jpg
  photo AceDouble3copy-1_zpsb27e60ef.jpg

These are the first theme banners I did rather than author banners. as I run out of authors I'll probably start doing more and more of these theme banners.

 photo ConnieWilliscopy-1_zpsc5cf4d20.jpg

 photo LoisMcMasterBujoldcopy-1_zps9e753c0a.jpg

 photo Picture027-1_zps684e0a5e.jpg

Just the other dad my dad gave me a bunch of Heinlein paperbacks with this style art. I've got to figure out if I have all of these covers now. Thanks Dad! 

 photo AceDouble2copy-1_zps41396434.jpg

 photo hgwells_zps87c107c8.jpg

 photo Ellisoncopy_zps70daa8da.jpg

 photo Picture023-2copy_zpsfc8a064c.jpg
   photo Halclementcopy_zpsb145865b.jpg
  photo vernecopy_zps37b8eb2b.jpg
  photo Aldisscopy_zps8da9b796.jpg

I've still have even more banners to share. When I get a chance I'll post all of the comedic banners I've made in the last year.


  1. Nice, John! Where do you usually find those covers? Or do you just do a general image search?

    I use this site when I'm writing a book review, but that's just modern covers of books sold at It works well for my purposes, since I can just link to a single site for any illustrations I need. But that wouldn't work for you, I know.

  2. Yeah, I just use Google image search and I filter my results to get the largest pictures I can.

  3. I like seeing these banners bigger here than at the classic site.

  4. It's too bad there are space limits on our site, but now that I have a special folder for them in Photobucket I could put the new banners in photbucket each week and link to them on the message board.