Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Night of March 31st!

It being a holiday and all, I couldn't resist posting this story. It's pretty silly, but it really makes me laugh. Hope you enjoy it! It first appeared in Superman 145 (1961)

 photo c23cd0fd-cf8e-4360-84ab-5012524df159_zps27845223.jpg

 photo b49bbb6a-3e17-4bdb-bd05-a68adf71eba4_zpsa5e14718.jpg

 photo df01f465-2195-4f68-bc01-9dc0fab26da4_zpsc2f09c3c.jpg

 photo 89901fd8-6dd1-4189-8ff1-fdd7d6350c8f_zpsd01d0323.jpg

 photo 3b774e47-ce83-4b99-8900-9a75ec3d7a02_zps50272ab3.jpg

 photo 5a565883-da96-4fd8-a992-8546390fa434_zpsaca1d8c9.jpg

 photo a73e810c-28f1-4006-a36a-d2652893ea41_zpsda77d850.jpg

 photo 1f8e137f-3874-42a2-8844-aa3e677bfa1c_zps5019235f.jpg
Happy April Fools Day!


  1. Those scenes with Superman crashing through the wall and window always reminded me of Underdog! :)

  2. No, he was Super-Kool-Aid Man! "Oh, yeah!"
    The wall-crashing was done for effect in several episodes of the serial and TV show.
    The rock walls were impressive, with dust going everywhere.